Америк тивийн орнууд

Khujirt hot spa

South of Erdenezuu Khujirt is a health spa located at the bank of Khujirt River, near to Khujirt town. The spa is frequently visited by local people, and now it welcomes foreign visitors. Water temperature at the spa reaches +55C. The place offers beautiful natural view very convenient for outdoor camping.

There is not much else to see here, except for the small Gandan Peljelin monastery which has contingent of 15 part time monks. Most travelers pass through town route to the Orkhin waterfall. There are some interesting grave sites worth looking out for a couple of km out of town on the road to Kharkhorin. The road between Kharkhorin and Khujirt is one of the best places in the country to see falcons and hawks. If you are ever likely to get a photo one of these birds, it is the place.

Tsenkher hot spa

These springs lie south of Tsetserleg town in Arkhangai province. The springs and streams are well developed. The waters are supposed to have curative properties for joints and other ailments. Outdoor pools are attended by staff that cool or heat the water via water-gate system; there are also indoor pools. Men and women bathe separately. It is an excellent place to relax.

Shargaljuut Hot Springs

The Shargaljuut Hot Springs have been utilized for their medicinal qualities for more than 300 years. Thermal manifestations at Shargaljuut presently comprise a large area of effusively steaming ground, and numerous low-flow springs that discharge near boiling waters. The Shargaljuut Hot Springs are located 42km from Erdenetsogt sum, 680km west of Ulaan Baatar.

The hot springs occur in the picturesque NNE-SSW oriented Shargaljuut Valley, within the Khangai Mountain Range. Each year, several hundred people visit the hot spring area to enjoy the “invigorating qualities” of the thermal waters, which are reportedly effective for “contagious skin diseases, high blood pressure, rheumatic fever, liver or stomach complaints, or problems with the nervous system”. Hot and cold spring waters flow from several locations and these have “changed over the years”.

Onon Hot Springs

It is located on the upper Onon River, twenty-four miles south of the Russian border. Here are at least fourteen different mineral springs, some of them with boiling-hot water, and several bathhouses. Two of the larger springs, both enclosed by bathhouses, are called Ikh Tsenkher and Baga Tsenkher (“Big Blue” and “Little Blue”), names reportedly given to them by Zanabazar himself, The springs here are famous for treating diseases and afflictions of the lower body: knees (mud packs taken from near the springs are especially good for knee joints), lower back pain, kidney and liver problems, and also rheumatism and sore muscles in general. Nearby there is a small log temple with thangkas of White Tara and Janraisig and portraits of Zanabazar torn from old books.
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