Tsaatan festival

Tsaatan festival will held in Khuvsgul aimag 6 and 7 July 2012, provides a great opportunity to see the Tsaatan reindeer breeders’ ancestral culture. For generations, the Tsaatan herded their reindeers high in the mountains and worshiped the spirits of nature and practiced shamanism. The festival unfolds the Tsaatan culture from many exciting angles such as a concert of Darkhad folklore songs, marching of reindeer herds, bonfire festival, and shamanistic rituals performed among the teepees. The Roaring Hooves Festival reveals the collision of traditional Mongolian music and contemporary music from around the world; making it a fascinating fusion of different styles.

Who is Tsaatan?

A long time ago, a small group of Tsaatan people from the province of neighboring Tuva migrated to modern-day Mongolia. Known as the Soyd Uriankhai, the Mongolia’s called them the Tsaatan, the reindeer people. Situated in the soums of Ulaan-Uul, Khankh, Bayanzurkh, and Renchinlkhunbe in Khovsgol aimag, the Tsaatan live a nomadic lifestyle in the coniferous forest, the Taiga, following the reindeer they herd to the pastures the animals choose.
A distinct culture within Mongolian society, the Tsaatan practice a shamanistic religion and speak old Uighur dialects with one another. Today, the Tsaatan attempt to preserve their traditional ways of life in the midst of globalization. They use their reindeer not only to carry their belongings, but also for meat, milk, and clothing from animal hides. Some Tsaatan continue to live in yurts made of animal skin.

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